Digital Influencer Report Named a National Best Thought Leadership Campaign

Earlier this year, Randle Communications (Randle) released our second annual Digital Influencer Report detailing best practices for digital advocacy in California – and it made waves across the country.

We’re pleased to share our Digital Influencer Report won Best Thought Leadership Campaign from the Bulldog Stars of PR Awards.

It was named among campaigns with international reach and companies that operate on the global stage. If you haven’t already, you can read the Digital Influencer Report here.

This award is a testament to not only our industry-leading public affairs practice, but also the sheer influence Sacramento wields nationally. The success of our Digital Influencer Report stems from the innovative and progressive use of digital advocacy among California lawmakers, the Capitol press corps and advocates.

Randle remain committed to innovation and pushing the limits of public affairs – it’s one reason why we recently announced the promotion of our own Daniel Wetter to Digital Public Affairs Strategist. We know that digital advocacy is no longer optional and recognize the rapidly changing pace of communications.

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