Russell Preston

Creative Services Specialist

Russell Preston joined Randle Communications in November 2022 as a Creative Services Specialist, aiding the rest of the firm’s creative team with his graphic design expertise. A large part of his role is supporting all Randle client accounts and internal marketing with unique ideas and visually stunning creative material.

Russell brings an extensive background in logo and brand design, with a strong passion for typography and pagination. He also loves spending time creating 360-degree brand guides and researching the latest design trends for his clients. 

Before joining Randle, Russell played a large role on the web team of the Publications department for Medi-Cal where he managed the provider website, published daily policy changes and lead any marketing email campaigns. In his spare time, he also worked as a distinguished freelance brand designer for several media businesses over the years. He helped Blue Wire, a start-up podcasting network, grow from four podcasts in 2018 to more than 200 individual podcasts in 2022 by providing custom art re-brands for a large majority of the onboarded programs. Those designs spanned from logos, to cover art, video assets, social media design, print materials, merch and more.

Outside of the office, Russell is known to enjoy a nice cup of coffee someplace in Midtown Sacramento, take pictures of his cat with his film camera, bike around town or enjoy a sporting event with some friends.

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