The Power of an Empowering Team

By McKenna Hauteman, Summer Intern at Randle Communications

When I started my internship at Randle Communications this past June, I could not have imagined the invaluable wealth of knowledge that I would gain about public relations and public affairs from the Randle team. If someone had told me three months ago that I would be crafting social media campaigns, facilitating advocacy efforts, drafting press releases, and helping to curate digital strategies across multiple platforms, I wouldn’t have believed them. This is mainly in part to my (now debunked) belief that my young age would be a limit to my ability to contribute to the exceptional team at Randle. Now, as my internship comes to a close, I have a renewed belief in my capabilities and a completely redeveloped vision for my personal and career goals in the future, all thanks to the incredibly empowering and encouraging team I had the privilege of working with as a 2023 Summer Intern. 

Lessons Learned and Lived 

It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that I learned something new every single day of my internship. My account leaders’ and colleagues’ generous leadership approaches meant that they were willing to answer all my questions and walk me through any process I was unfamiliar with. Their patience and guidance allowed me to refine my skills while also broadening my understanding and perspective on the very wide and diverse set of work I was able to gain experience in. Being able to ask any question or receive extra support allowed me to build confidence in my skill set and courage to advocate for myself in the workplace. 

Not only was I able to expand my conceptual understanding of public relations and public affairs during my internship, I was able to live these lessons out in hands-on experiential opportunities throughout my internship. Being able to speak face-to-face with clients, work on real, meaningful campaigns and contribute to developing strategies that would outlive my time as an intern was absolutely essential to my development as a young professional. The type of on-the-job experience I have gained as an intern has been the highlight of my internship overall, as this experience catalyzed my growth in a unique and special way.  

Extracurricular Exploration 

One of the defining characteristics of my internship was my ability to advocate for what I wanted to learn and gain experience in during my time with the team. Asking questions about my colleague’s experiences and respective roles at the firm helped me narrow down the areas of public relations and public affairs that I want to explore further as future career options.  

Randle’s one-of-a-kind digital practice captivated my attention, as I found myself wanting to learn as much as I could about the profound effectiveness of a robust digital practice. I now have a newfound curiosity for all things digital, and being a part of the Randle team has allowed me to further explore this new interest. I was given the opportunity to take part in curating digital campaigns specific to client goals, to learn about the many facets of our digital practice and gain hands-on experience working to expand our clients’ online presence. I now leave with a renewed confidence in my capabilities and a vision for continued refinement of my skills.  

The Difference an Empowering Team Makes  

As I look back over the past three months, I am filled with gratitude for the team and their continued investment in my growth as a young professional. Randle Communications is set apart by its incredibly dedicated and passionate team, each of whom has taught me a different lesson on what it means to be in the public relations industry. As an intern, I was empowered to grow into my full potential and consistently encouraged to pursue my interests along the way. When I inevitably made a mistake, as all humans do, I was met with compassion and grace, turning a minor inconvenience into a valuable lesson. The support I have received from the team has been incredibly impactful for me as I continue to grow in my professional journey.  

To anyone considering whether a Randle Internship is right for them, I say: Go for it! This experience has been beyond valuable to me, and as I continue to pursue my professional goals, I will never forget the lessons I’ve learned here in Sacramento as a 2023 Summer Intern.