The Digital Influence of the Capitol Press Corps

Twitter is changing the face of how political news is reported, especially when it comes to California politics.

Capitol press corps reporters are using the platform as a tool for real-time reporting on issues under the dome and provide a unique behind-the-scenes perspective. The collective engagement from reporters can be tremendously helpful for public affairs programs, serving as one of the best ways to measure the pulse of policy and political issues, including housing, health care, environmental justice and more.

The top five Capitol press corps reporters are:

*@CapitolAlert formerly managed by Alexei Koseff; now managed by Bryan Anderson; Reporters with the same rankings reflect tied influencer scores

This year’s top list includes a number of returners, including POLITICO’s Carla Marinucci. As an editor of the California Playbook, she maintains a strong hand on the conversations taking place at California’s Capitol.

You can learn more about the top digital influencers in the Capitol press corps in our 2018 Digital Influencer Report Capitol press corps rankings.