Four Tips for Spring Cleaning Your PR Program

Spring usually provides a polite nudge to clean—your closets, garages, cars, you name it. If you’re a public relations professional, it’s also a good time to look at ways to “Spring Clean” your communications program.

Out with the Old and In with the New

Update your media lists. With the ever-evolving media landscape, journalists are often shifting roles. Are you still contacting the appropriate media contacts? Are there new media contacts and outlets that should be added to your target pitching lists?

Sweep the Dust Off

Review and refine your key messages. Is your approved messaging gathering dust? It’s time to brush it off and ensure your key messages support your business’ or company’s current environment. Have conditions changed? Your goals evolved? This is especially true if your business has undergone a significant change or rebrand.

Assess your social media. Twitter and Facebook are ubiquitous in PR today. Because you’re using the platforms doesn’t mean you’re maximizing social media as a tool. Are you using social effectively? Are you testing, analyzing and refining your strategy? Are there emerging tools to leverage that would better reach your target audience?

Replenish and Refresh

Take a break to brainstorm new ideas. Thinking of new ways to be creative can not only spur more innovation in your program, it can also act as a brain palate cleanser for you and your team. Focusing on something new instead of the normal daily grind can be refreshing