Engaging Employees – 3 Ways to Cultivate an Environment to Foster Teamwork

Fun gatherings to celebrate and acknowledge individual milestones and team accomplishments are always in vogue and a great way to engage employees. They also encourage open communication and serve as a great bonding experience.

Following are three key tips to host successful Happy Hour Hangouts:

1. 100% Attendance = 100% Fun!

You have the right people on your team. Now make sure everyone can attend your gatherings. You don’t want anyone to feel left out. Team celebrations are the best when everyone attends.

2. Have an Agenda – Sort of

You want your gatherings to serve a purpose, but you also need to build in the flexibility for the natural flow of conversation. Icebreakers can lighten the mood, generate laughs and get everyone relaxed. Plus, they’re a lot of fun.

If you go that route, here are a few suggestions to include:

  • Ask each staff what their favorite year was (and why);
  • “Famous Faces” – choosing names of noted celebrities, tag each staff member on his or her back with the name of a celebrity, and have each staff member ask others for hints about the celebrity whose name they are wearing
  • Play a “who said it” game. You can use movie or TV quotes, or you can even use quotes from staff to see how well you all know each other

It’s also helpful to use the happy hours to acknowledge work anniversaries, birthdays or major accomplishments. These milestones are fun, spur conversation and set the mood for team members to share memories and positive stories about their colleagues.

3. Provide Fabulous Food and Beverages

Presenting the right cuisine is a must. Charcuterie plates with wine, beer and an assortment of treats and refreshments are great garnishments to keep the fresh ideas and bold thoughts flowing.