Creating a Positive Atmosphere in your Workplace

A positive attitude is contagious. Walk through the doors of Randle Communications on any given day and you’ll discover a positive team.

One might say not only is Randle the best PR firm in the region, it’s also the happiest, and there is good and strategic reason why. Positivity is at the core of Randle’s culture and philosophy.

CEO Jeff Randle and partner Mitch Zak are big followers of Jon Gordon. Jeff and Mitch carry out Gordon’s philosophies and encourage the team to embrace a positive mindset as leaders.

Last year the team devoted time to “attend” virtual webinars from Gordon’s “The Power of Positive Summit,” which included close to 40 testimonies by leading experts who shared their strategies on staying positive, overcoming challenges and serving as a strong team member. For the culmination of the summit, the team enjoyed a thoughtful discussion about speakers and identified opportunities to grow our mindsets and leadership.

We also dove in and enjoyed reading Gordon’s book “One Word that Will Change Your Life.” Gordon’s philosophy and instruction were the focus of our year-end retreat as well, giving the team momentum to kick off the new year with a refreshed, positive outlook.

The firm is EXCITED that Gordon is launching another Power of Positive Summit in late April, and we can’t wait to hear more from these experts again this year.

In the meantime, we’re sharing 4 ways to spread a positive attitude in your workplace:

  1. Appreciate every team member: Make sure you appreciate every staff member, no matter their position, title or generation. Everyone plays a vital role in making your company a success.
  2. Foster meaningful relationships: To create a positive environment across all levels, it’s important to develop trust and respect among all employees within your company. Host social gatherings outside of work and prioritize relationships.
  3. Practice gratitude. You can’t be stressed and thankful at the same time: Acknowledge your blessings and try to see challenges as opportunities.
  4. Keep the doors open: Encourage office doors to remain open. It fosters openness, reduces the opportunity for gossip and promotes a more collaborative work environment.

There are numerous ways you can spread positivity. But remember, negativity is always a threat, and sometimes it’s faster and easier to go around. To prevent negativity from infiltrating your office, stay focused on being positive and encouraging. Spreading positivity will help strengthen everyone’s mindset, while creating an encouraging and empowering environment.