Collaboration will unite unparalleled strategy and transformative solutions to empower communities to thrive


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Today, Brewer Lofgren LLP (Brewer Lofgren) and Randle Communications (Randle) announced a strategic partnership that will provide clients with innovative solutions that go beyond traditional legal counsel, government affairs and public relations.

Brewer Lofgren and Randle recently partnered on the St. Joseph’s Medical Center (SJMC) expansion, effectively engaging with the community, key stakeholders and building support to secure entitlements for the project, securing unanimous approval by the Stockton City Council, ensuring local residents continued to have access to a world-class hospital to meet the growing needs of the community.

The teams aim to replicate this success through an ongoing strategic partnership to maximize the collective expertise from Brewer Lofgren and Randle across local public affairs and local government, strategic communications and community relations, bringing a unique and powerful set of services to bolster each firm’s capabilities.

Brewer Lofgren, launched 18 years ago, is the capital region’s leading public policy and land use law firm. Partners Roy Brewer and Martha Lofgren seek challenges and thrive at solving complex problems while maintaining a strong record of success. Their contributions to projects like the expansion of the Folsom Ranch Medical Center, the downtown Railyards and the negotiation of development agreements for land projects throughout Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado counties exemplify their significant impact on our region, setting Sacramento on course for a promising and dynamic future. Their expertise also extends to navigating approvals for rental residential communities in Folsom, Sacramento County and Rocklin, demonstrating their excellence in managing complex land use issues.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Brewer Lofgren team that is renowned for their work in the region to expand services for our client partners and offer comprehensive solutions to complex problems,” said Jeff Randle, Founder and CEO of Randle Communications. “Roy Brewer and Martha Lofgren have been tremendous collaborators for years and this partnership will further enhance synergy between our teams, positioning both firms to deliver unmatched and tailored services for our clients. Both firms share a passion for supporting consequential projects and together we’re thrilled to continue to propel Sacramento into its next chapter.”

Randle Communications, Sacramento’s top ranked public relations and public affairs firm has a 22-year track record of working with public and private organizations across California to build and protect brands and create and implement award-winning strategies for clients. Randle offers unrivaled experience, tenacity and strategy, which have been instrumental in advancing significant policies at the state and local level.

“Randle Communications is a team of highly strategic professionals with a passion and expertise that is second to none. Their work leading on consequential projects has helped shape the Capital region for the last 22 years,” said Martha Lofgren, Partner at Brewer Lofgren LLP. “Roy and I are thrilled to collaborate with Jeff, Julie and their excellent team to complement the work we do at Brewer Lofgren, and to continue to build upon our long history and expertise shaping this region’s future.”

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About Brewer Lofgren:

Brewer Lofgren LLP is the Sacramento region’s premier real estate development and land use advocacy law firm. Founded in 2005 by esteemed public policy and land use attorneys Roy Brewer and Martha Lofgren, Brewer Lofgren is renowned for its perseverance, strategic insight and collaborative teamwork. The firm specializes in navigating complex challenges such as economic redevelopment, brownfield properties, public financing, permitting, rezoning and infrastructure development. With a deep understanding of multiple jurisdictions and advantageous relationships therein, Brewer Lofgren ensures expedited project approvals, cost-effective solutions and a superb track record. Since its inception, the firm has secured land development approvals and negotiated agreements with public agencies in 26 jurisdictions, in addition to providing strategic planning facilitation for public agencies and due diligence for clients across seven more. Brewer Lofgren remains unmatched in its commitment to guiding clients and public agencies towards successful outcomes, epitomizing the ethos of “finding a way to yes.”


About Randle Communications: 

Jeff Randle created Randle Communications in 2001 to give clients great service from experts who thrive in a team environment. Randle specializes in strategic storytelling, executive positioning, brand building and reputation management, media relations, digital advocacy, breakthrough content generation, ballot initiative campaigns, litigation communications and crisis management. The firm is a two-time Inc. Magazine Best Workplace award winner and has been a longstanding recipient of the Sacramento Business Journal’s A+ Employer award.