Randle Communications Launches Exclusive Advocacy Smartphone App to Empower California Associations

App Provides Platform to Engage with Lawmakers and Quickly Mobilize Members

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Randle Communications (Randle) today introduced a first-of-its-kind digital advocacy app designed to engage and activate California trade associations, organizations, and the lobbyists who work for them. The app provides an easy-to-use tool to support or oppose legislation, communicate with lawmakers, and learn background information on key policies. Randle, Sacramento’s top-ranked public relations and public affairs firm, formed an exclusive partnership with Beekeeper Group, an award-winning advocacy firm specializing in grassroots mobilization and issue advocacy, to offer the app in California.

“This app is a game changer for public affairs and issue advocacy and, until now, something that hasn’t been offered in California,” said Randle Founder and CEO Jeff Randle. “In today’s competitive landscape, providing association members or coalitions the ability to connect with lawmakers on key policies with the touch of a finger can significantly enhance traditional public affairs and lobbying by enabling faster, more-efficient mobilization of supporter groups.”

The app is designed to support California-based trade associations with their advocacy campaigns before the state Legislature and state agencies. Within the app, members of organizations can access talking points, stakeholder information, strategic messaging and legislative updates, while also offering opportunities for social media activation. The app, which is compatible with Android and Apple devices, includes a fully customized dashboard that allows organizations to make quick and easy updates to content, without involving additional channels.

“Randle Communications continues to pioneer digital advocacy that blends technology with experience and expertise to deliver extraordinary results to our clients,” said Randle Vice President of Public Affairs Julie Phillips. “This app essentially streamlines the numerous resources available to help empower advocates to take action on issues important to their campaign.”

Beekeeper Group, based in Washington D.C., serves associations, corporations, and member organizations to recruit and engage audiences through a variety of services such as mobile apps, video, and online advertising. Their LOBBY DAY APP™ is used by a number of large companies, including eBay, the Credit Union National Association, American Physical Therapy Association, and American Farm Bureau.

“In today’s evolving public affairs landscape, bringing attention to your cause can be a challenge,” said Henri Makembe, partner at Beekeeper Group and leader of its interactive division. “Through this app, organizations are able to transform their message in a way that is impactful and reaches desired audiences. We are thrilled to partner with Randle Communications for this initiative and look forward to taking campaigns to the next level in California.”

The new app is Randle’s latest initiative to push the boundaries of traditional public affairs through innovative digital advocacy. In February, Randle released its proprietary Digital Influencer Report, which details how social media is being used to influence California’s legislative process. The report includes effective digital strategies and tactics, a list of state legislators who are most active on social media, and tools for digital advocacy success.

About Randle Communications:

Jeff Randle and Mitch Zak founded Randle Communications in 2001 to provide clients with great service from senior-level professionals. Randle is Sacramento’s top ranked public relations firm, specializing in strategic planning, public affairs, media, coalitions, digital advocacy, campaigns, and crisis management. The Sacramento Business Journal has named Randle an A+ Employer every year since 2010. Meet Randle’s award-winning team at RandleCommunications.com or follow @randlecomm.

About Beekeeper Group:

Beekeeper Group is a communications, advocacy, and stakeholder strategy firm that uses a hive-centric model to help organizations recruit and engage their audiences. Beekeeper Group serves associations, corporations, membership organizations, and non-profits that are looking for a fresh approach to grassroots mobilization and issue advocacy to improve the effectiveness and the outcomes of their campaigns. Founded in 2010, Beekeeper has a unique approach that is leading the evolution of the public affairs industry. The agency is piloted by five experienced, creative industry practitioners: Travis Gianchetta, Shana Glickfield, Henri Makembe, Mike Panetta, and Matthew Zablud. Learn more about Beekeeper Group at beekeepergroup.com or follow @BeekeeperGroup.